Here you'll find all the supplies I use!
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What I use to print my products
CANON PIXMA Pro-100 Inkjet Printer
Painting Supplies
All the supplies I use for painting (paints, brushes, paper, etc.)
While the Cotman line is also great, I prefer to work with the professional line.
The cotman half pans are also great if you're a student or just on a budget, but If you can afford it, the professional line offers better quality pigments. I use these to replace my sketcher's pocket set.
I personally use the 56 color set. This 36 set is awesome for first time users with the twin cup design. A little paint goes a long way!
These brushes are amazing! They have amazing points and hold a lot of paint! I have and use both the 12 and 16 sizes, but realistically, just having one or the other is fine as they are very similar.
This is a synthetic latex formula, perfect for people like me with latex allergies! The best way to remove it to gentle erase it.
If you don't have latex allergies, I recommend this brand of masking fluid over the Pebeo. 
If single sheets are all you need, definitely check out you local art supply store. A single sheet runs around $18-$20.
Cutting Machine
What I use to die-cut my stickers
Sticker Paper
All the sticker paper plus laminate I use
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